How To Build Personal Branding On LinkedIn

How To Build Personal Branding On LinkedIn

Personal Branding On LinkedIn in 2022

Linkedin is a powerful online platform for professional networking and building personal brand on linkedin for yourself. It provides immense opportunities for professional branding and an ideal avenue to build a professional network. By building your personal brand on linkedin, Linkedin can help you set yourself apart as an influential thought leader in your profession. 

Here are top 5 tips on building your personal brand on Linkedin


1. Profile Optimization

Optimizing your linkedIn profile can go a long way in building a personal brand on linkedin. A professional profile photo, a headshot, that’s clear, without sunglasses, dressed in formal attire, can boost your profile visibility by 7x times.
Updating employment history can increase your profile reach by 12x.

Headline should state your profession and expertise. Make sure your profile (headline, job title, summary, job description) includes the keywords relevant to your profession or business so as to make it easier for your target audience to find you on Linkedin.
Avoid overused words like passionate, motivated, self-driven, etc

Highlight any unique distinctions or achievements in your career or life that sets you apart from the rest.

Use the linkedin background banner/header to show photographs of you delivering a speech at a professional public speaking or giving presentations to an audience, or mini-portfolio, publications, etc

Customize Linkedin’s vanity URL, which helps your profile’s high visibility on not only Linkedin searches but also on Google search engine results.

The Summary section should cover your skills and expertise, mentioning specific accomplishments. As an example you could mention facts and figures, such as strategies which you implemented which increased X% growth or increased sales by $X or ROI in a particular year, or increasing X% site traffic, etc

Experience section should be up to date, explaining briefly about the key positions you’ve held, and roles.

Educational background. Ensure all your academic information is complete along with mention of certifications if any.

Mention your top Skills in the relevant section. Others endorsing your skills and recommending you would add value to your profile’s professional branding .

Use the Featured section to highlight any of your unique achievements, awards, accomplishments or testimonials, certifications you earned, besides articles or videos of you being covered in the press.

Uploading native rich media (videos, images, presentations) and content you’ve created or produced as part of a team is a great way to bring your description to life.

2. Build Professional Connections

Use advanced Linkedin search options and filters to find professionals related to your business or career which helps in building a personal brand on linkedin.
Send personalised connection requests to each and every prospective connection that boosts the higher chances of them accepting your connection request.

Make connections with people in your niche and follow industry leaders and influencers and engage with their content.

Leave a thoughtful and engaging comment such as a question and or mentioning the post @author and sharing their content.

Mentioning linkedin influencers in your posts can help boost your post’s reach.
Join relevant Linkedin groups which help you build more powerful connections.
Follow hashtags related to your niche.

How To Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn in 2021 branding

3. Content Strategy

Publish posts and articles with valuable content that’s relevant to your niche and target audience. Ensure the content you share adds value to your target audience in a non-spammy and well formatted into short paragraphs with 2-3 lines each paragraph. Posting regularly is one of the best linkedin strategy for personal branding.

Create a Company Page for your business and post engaging content.

Post how to tutorials, top 10 listicles of your favorite tools that you can recommend, or a story from your professional journey about how you raised XYZ millions of dollars.
Other top content includes, free ebooks, checklists, worksheets, live webinars, industry trends and news updates, insights, etc

Asking for comments or running polls may get your post more reach and engagement.

Use relevant hashtags minimally where needed. Use native visual content such as images, illustrations, infographics, videos, etc. Post the links in the comments sections, as linkedin doesn’t appreciate its users to go away from their platform.

4. LinkedIn Analytics

Track your linkedin journey with its analytics tool, how many people viewed your each post, and profile. Based on these metrics you can optimize your profile, and posts to strengthen your personal brand further.

5. Premium & Other Features

Leverage on premium tools such as Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Ads promotion, 3rd party tools such as, etc

Hope these linkedin tips & linkedin strategies help you build your personal brand on linkedin.

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