How To Make a Tweet Go Viral On Twitter

How To Make a Tweet Go Viral On Twitter

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How To Make A Viral Tweet

Top tips on how to make a tweet go viral. Some of best ways to go viral on twitter and tips on how to get your tweet viral includes content strategy such as how to write a viral tweet. Research some of the viral tweets on Twitter, which gives you viral tweet ideas. 

Getting higher views for any Tweet, trending and twitter viral depends on various factors :

Trending Topic

Post tweets based on a trending topic or which has a deep emotional aspect attached such as elements of shock, humour, newsworthy, etc has potential to make tweet viral.

Images / Videos
Attention grabbing images & headlines that hooks the target audience.

Trending hashtags

Use relevant & popular hashtags. Ternding topics and hashtags gives you tweet ideas to go viral and push tweets to a larger audience by the Twitter algorithm, provided the hashtags are relevant to the content. 

Short Length Tweets

70 -110 characters long posts ideally get good traction.

Timing of the tweet

Post tweets ideally post noon, around 5pm, when most people are on twitter. Twitter analytics gives you insights of when most people are online, that helps to get a tweet to go viral.

How to make a tweet go viral best ways to go viral on twitter how to make your tweet go viral

Active Followers

Make sure you grow the number of active followers.

Tag Influencers

Tag a few Influencers & people with a high number of followers, asking them to Retweet (in a non spammy way of course). If they engage with the tweet by commenting, liking or retweeting, it may get good reach, and possibly going viral.

Twitter Giveaways

Twitter giveaways help push tweets to larger audiences.

Cross-promotion on other platforms

Cross-promote tweets & twitter account on other platforms, blogs and other digital platforms.

Hope these tips gives you ideas on how to make a viral tweet and how to go viral on twitter. 


There are many strategies on how to make a tweet go viral, and many tweet ideas to go viral, however expeience is a better teacher. 

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