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About DigitalConTech DigitalConTech is an upcoming Digital Marketing Consultancy Agency that helps small and medium business grow online with Powerful & Strategic Digital Marketing Services & Consulting. Our digital marketing agency provides results driven Online Marketing Solutions and Marketing Plans such as Content Marketing, SEO, Search Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Advertising and paid search

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Our Services Digital Marketing Services provided by DigitalConTech helps scale small and medium businesses with branding and revenue generation Via powerful digital marketing and lead generation Sstrategies Some of our Digital Marketing Services include : Web Development (including eCommerce & Custom Websites Development) Search Engine Optimization – SEO Content Marketing Viral Marketing Social Media Marketing

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Real Estate Digital marketing strategy has become a significantly powerful way to promote real estate in the extremely competitive industry.

It’s imperative to make the best use of digital channels to promote property listings, which helps in creating brand awareness, attract lot more customers and boost sales. Benefits of digital marketing for real estate include branding and real estate sales.

Some effective real estate digital marketing strategies and powerful digital marketing planning to get ahead in the real estate business.


Professional Website

A user-friendly and informative website with an SEO optimized content strategy, videos, images, virtual tours, highlighting the benefits of the properties, and home buying guides and advice backed by testimonials of previous clients can all help build trust and attract more customers.

Social Media

Another real estate digital marketing strategy is regular posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube can help you grab potential customers attention.

Paid Advertising

Leverage on Google Ads and Facebook ads which can help you hyper-target potential customers. Lead generation and Re-marketing are some effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign objectives that can get better conversion.

Email Marketing

Take advantage of email campaigns which have an open rate of around 27% and a CTR of 3%.

These are some of the best real estate digital marketing strategy and ideas that can boost real estate business.

Social media is one of the many digital marketing channels. Some of the popular social media platforms are Facebook ( Now Meta), Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, etc

Whereas Digital marketing is a wider spectrum of marketing using the various digital platforms used to build brand awareness and increase sales.

Website marketing, Content marketing, SEO, Search engine marketing (SEM), Pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, video marketing and Social Media marketing are some of the many digital platforms that fall under the main umbrella of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Versus Social Media Marketing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing :

  • Social Media posts help reach a wider audience faster than the organic reach of the website.
  • Social Media can get interactive with the ability of customers engaging with the content, also helps seek feedback almost instantly which in turn helps businesses optimise their offerings and promotion.
  • Social signals pointing to your website helps ranking of your website indirectly on search engines like Google and Bing.

What are Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies help businesses grow online, increase online presence and scale its revenue with increased lead generation and sales conversions.
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Paid Campaigns PPC
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Sales Funnels

Content Marketing

The aim of content marketing is to deliver valuable and relevant content to the target audience that addresses the pain points of the audience, which helps the businesses reach out to their customers in the best possible ways. With more and more users accessing online content through mobile phones, there is an increasing demand for media rich content that’s delivered through responsive web design.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

As the online space is growing larger and getting more competitive, there is an ever growing demand for search engine optimised content. Its getting even more challenging with search engines like Google and Bing constantly upgrading their algorithms.

Paid Campaigns PPC

Pay per click – PPC campaigns help your websites or social media content reach out to your target audience much faster. Hence, more and more businesses need to focus on paid campaigns for faster online growth.

Social Media Strategy

Businesses and organisations are leveraging on social media platforms more than ever. With more and more people using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, etc businesses need to be active on social media in the ever growing online space.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has one of the best conversion rates, hence email marketing is a very powerful channel inorder to grow your business online.

Influencer Marketing

With more and more people using digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram,etc influencer marketing is getting more popular by the day.

Businesses and brands are increasingly investing in influencer marketing as many people seem to be following influencers who already seemed to have established a great deal of credibility and trust in their chosen niche.

Video Marketing

Video content is becoming more popular day-by-day. Popular video platforms like YouTube are growing with more and more people prefer video content over other forms of content. Businesses and brands are capitalising on this trend and are increasingly posting valuable content educating their customers about their offerings of products and services

Sales Funnels

Automated sales funnels allow businesses to generate leads, increase sales in a more systematic manner with more efficiency.

Digital Marketing strategies are ever evolving and businesses are constantly leveraging on the power of digital marketing inorder to grow their businesses. 

how to get your tweet viral how to make your tweets trend on twitter how to make your tweet go viral

How To Make A Tweet To Go Viral

Top tips on how to make a tweet go viral. Some of best ways to go viral on twitter and tips on how to get your tweet viral includes content strategy such as how to write a viral tweet. Research some of the viral tweets on Twitter, which gives you viral tweet ideas. 

Getting higher views for any Tweet, trending and twitter viral depends on various factors :

Trending Topic

Post tweet based on a trending topic or which has a deep emotional aspect attached such as elements of shock, humour, newsworthy, etc has potential to make tweet viral.

Images / Videos
Attention grabbing images & headlines that hooks the target audience.

Trending hashtags

Use relevant & popular hashtags. Ternding topics and hashtags gives you tweet ideas to go viral and push tweets to a larger audience by the Twitter algorithm, provided the hashtags are relevant to the content. 

Short Length Tweets

70 -110 characters long posts ideally get good traction.

Timing of the tweet

Post tweets ideally post noon, around 5pm, when most people are on twitter. Twitter analytics gives you insights of when most people are online, that helps to get a tweet to go viral.

How to make a tweet go viral best ways to go viral on twitter how to make your tweet go viral

Active Followers

Make sure you grow the number of active followers.

Tag Influencers

Tag a few Influencers & people with a high number of followers, asking them to Retweet (in a non spammy way of course). If they engage with the tweet by commenting, liking or retweeting, it may get good reach, and possibly going viral.

Twitter Giveaways

Twitter giveaways help push tweets to larger audiences.

Cross-promotion on other platforms

Cross-promote tweets & twitter account on other platforms, blogs and other digital platforms.

Hope these tips gives you ideas on how to make a viral tweet and how to go viral on twitter. 

Personal Branding On LinkedIn in 2022

Linkedin is a powerful online platform for professional networking and building personal brand on linkedin for yourself. It provides immense opportunities for professional branding and an ideal avenue to build a professional network. By building your personal brand on linkedin, Linkedin can help you set yourself apart as an influential thought leader in your profession. 

Here are top 5 tips on building your personal brand on Linkedin


1. Profile Optimization

Optimizing your linkedIn profile can go a long way in building a personal brand on linkedin. A professional profile photo, a headshot, that’s clear, without sunglasses, dressed in formal attire, can boost your profile visibility by 7x times.
Updating employment history can increase your profile reach by 12x.

Headline should state your profession and expertise. Make sure your profile (headline, job title, summary, job description) includes the keywords relevant to your profession or business so as to make it easier for your target audience to find you on Linkedin.
Avoid overused words like passionate, motivated, self-driven, etc

Highlight any unique distinctions or achievements in your career or life that sets you apart from the rest.

Use the linkedin background banner/header to show photographs of you delivering a speech at a professional public speaking or giving presentations to an audience, or mini-portfolio, publications, etc

Customize Linkedin’s vanity URL, which helps your profile’s high visibility on not only Linkedin searches but also on Google search engine results.

The Summary section should cover your skills and expertise, mentioning specific accomplishments. As an example you could mention facts and figures, such as strategies which you implemented which increased X% growth or increased sales by $X or ROI in a particular year, or increasing X% site traffic, etc

Experience section should be up to date, explaining briefly about the key positions you’ve held, and roles.

Educational background. Ensure all your academic information is complete along with mention of certifications if any.

Mention your top Skills in the relevant section. Others endorsing your skills and recommending you would add value to your profile’s professional branding .

Use the Featured section to highlight any of your unique achievements, awards, accomplishments or testimonials, certifications you earned, besides articles or videos of you being covered in the press.

Uploading native rich media (videos, images, presentations) and content you’ve created or produced as part of a team is a great way to bring your description to life.

2. Build Professional Connections

Use advanced Linkedin search options and filters to find professionals related to your business or career which helps in building a personal brand on linkedin.
Send personalised connection requests to each and every prospective connection that boosts the higher chances of them accepting your connection request.

Make connections with people in your niche and follow industry leaders and influencers and engage with their content.

Leave a thoughtful and engaging comment such as a question and or mentioning the post @author and sharing their content.

Mentioning linkedin influencers in your posts can help boost your post’s reach.
Join relevant Linkedin groups which help you build more powerful connections.
Follow hashtags related to your niche.

How To Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn in 2021 branding

3. Content Strategy

Publish posts and articles with valuable content that’s relevant to your niche and target audience. Ensure the content you share adds value to your target audience in a non-spammy and well formatted into short paragraphs with 2-3 lines each paragraph. Posting regularly is one of the best linkedin strategy for personal branding.

Create a Company Page for your business and post engaging content.

Post how to tutorials, top 10 listicles of your favorite tools that you can recommend, or a story from your professional journey about how you raised XYZ millions of dollars.
Other top content includes, free ebooks, checklists, worksheets, live webinars, industry trends and news updates, insights, etc

Asking for comments or running polls may get your post more reach and engagement.

Use relevant hashtags minimally where needed. Use native visual content such as images, illustrations, infographics, videos, etc. Post the links in the comments sections, as linkedin doesn’t appreciate its users to go away from their platform.

4. LinkedIn Analytics

Track your linkedin journey with its analytics tool, how many people viewed your each post, and profile. Based on these metrics you can optimize your profile, and posts to strengthen your personal brand further.

5. Premium & Other Features

Leverage on premium tools such as Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Ads promotion, 3rd party tools such as, etc


Hop these linkedin tips & linkedin strategies help you build your personal brand on linkedin.


Grow Your Business Online With The Power Of Digital Marketing

Power Of Digital Marketing

Why Is Digital Marketing Powerful For Small Business

Digital marketing is a powerful channel to promote and grow business online. Businesses, be it large businesses or small business, cannot afford to avoid leveraging the advantage of powerful marketing strategies and digital technologies, which is cost-effective with enhanced customer satisfaction and increased global reach. Digital marketing leverages precise audience targeting and data analytics, which offers a much more powerful approach towards promoting and growing businesses. Grow Your Business Online With The Power Of Digital Marketing. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing leverages on digital media and digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives aimed at greater business growth and revenue.

Different types of digital marketing can be used to build a highly efficient and powerful digital marketing strategy.

  • Web Development & Web design
  • Search Engine Marketing-SEM
  • Search Engine Optimization-SEM
  • Pay-per-click – PPC ( Google, Facebook)
  • Social Media Marketing-SMM
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing ( Amazon business, Google Business)
  • Viral Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?


1. Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is less expensive compared to other traditional marketing methods offering a better ROI and ROAS ( Return On Ad Spend).

2. Better Customer Experience

Digital marketing facilitates a better customer experience in a highly interactive manner. This drives enhanced customer relationship and customer satisfaction which helps increased customer retention & loyalty
Personalized offers precise targeting which generates a steady flow of targeted traffic that converts into sales and leads hence drives increased sales and revenue.

3. Increasing Reach

With increasing use of smartphones and mobile devices, digital marketing helps businesses target larger targeted audiences with laser sharp targeting strategies across cities, countries and worldwide that generates increased brand awareness, which in turn boost sales and higher revenue.

4. Versatility

The wide variety of digital marketing types, including organic traffic, paid ads, email marketing, content marketing, and social media posts offers a diverse mix of opportunities to reach out to a wide range of target audience aimed at converting them into customers.

5. Rich Media

Digital marketing strategies can be more engaging with customers with a powerful combination of variety of content types – images, videos and text which is not possible with traditional marketing.

5. Data Driven Marketing

Digital marketing lets you monitor and measure your marketing performance with precise analytics in real time compared to a traditional marketing system where one has no control of the marketing campaign in real time.

You can track the campaigns in real time to check which content is resonating with your target audience. These insights help to tweak the marketing efforts, to make them most effective, allowing you to refine and improve your marketing strategies, hence allowing brands and businesses to get more out of their marketing budget.


Digital Marketing helps boost marketing efforts and hence leads to enhanced brand awareness and increased sales and revenue. Grow Your Business Online With The Power Of Digital Marketing. To leverage the power of digital marketing please contact DigitalConTech and take your business to the next level. 

Grow Your Business Online With The Power Of Digital Marketing
headline analyzer tools for youtube 12 Powerful Hacks For VIRAL YouTube Video Titles grown channel subscribers

Titles For YouTube Videos : 12 Powerful Hacks

Titles of YouTube Videos make or break the performace of the video viewership. For any YouTube video to go viral, you need to focus on the title, description and tags you would be using for the video. This is why it is very important to craft titles that not only help YouTube understand the content of the video but also to hook the customers with catchy and attenton grabbing headlines. Following are top tips, tricks and strategies on how to grow youtube channel and tools to grow channel subscribers. 

  1. Keyword Research 
  2. Title Length
  3. Personalize
  4. Power Words
  5. Emotional 
  6. Value Addition
  7. Capitalize certain keywords
  8. Negative Superlatives
  9. Numbers In The Title
  10. Words in Parenthesis
  11. Word Video
  12. Call To Action 
  13. Headline Analyzer [Bonus Tip]

Keyword Research

Keyword Research gives you the framework for all the meta information of the video, letting YouTube know what the video is about, so that it helps display your video in YouTube search. Search volume and keyword are the key focus metrics when coming up with attention grabbing headlines.
Some of the tools you can use to help you find the Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty are Tubbuddy and VidIQ.

TubeBuddy is a very powerful and super helpful tool for YouTube creators to help them run their channel with ease.

Advanced Keyword Research, A/B Testing features of TubeBuddy helps you find high-performing, searchable video topics, and then craft the perfect titles and tags for higher ranking eventually grow your YouTube Channel and scale your earnings. TubeBuddy helps in how to make a good youtube title. It helps as a headline analyzer for youtube videos.

TubeBuddy YouTube Tool

  • Cuts Video Production Time in Half
  • Rank Higher in Search Results
  • Gain More Views and Subscribers
  • Used by More than 3,000,000 YouTube Creators

youtube headline analyzer how to make a good youtube title Fop tips, tricks and strategies on how to grow youtube channel and tools to grow channel subscribers.

Title Length

Limit the length of your YouTube video to a maximum of 70 characters out of the permitted 100 characters. Typically 8-12 words title length has better impact.

Ensure the keyword is at the beginning of the title, to make it easy for the YouTube Algorithm to learn what the video is about.


The word ‘You’ in the YouTube title grabs viewers attention because it relates to their personal needs. 

Power words

Power words have the ability to grab the audience’s attention. Use power words like Awesome, Amazing, Excellent, WOW, etc
A quick example is – 10 Awesome Ways to Grow YouTube Channel FAST.


Make the title emotionally appealing. People are always attached to emotions. Use phrases or words that add emotional tone to the titles, as an example – I Cried after Watching This Video or Try Not To Laugh.
You may use emojis for added impact if your target audience is not too formal.

Value Addition

Try using words which add value.
Some phrases or words which sets up the value addition aspect to your YouTube titles are – How To, Hacks, Secrets, Tricks, Strategies, Tips, Top 10 Hacks On How To Earn Money Online.

Use benefit statements as part of the titles which instills benefits in your readers mind.
An example to highlight benefits is – Top 10 Hacks On How To Earn Money Online.

Capitalize Certain Keywords

Highlight certain keywords with ALL CAPS to draw attentions to those particular words- Quick, Easy, Free, Now, Under a minute, in 20 minutes.

Negative Superlatives

Negative superlatives have a psychological impact on the readers.
Some negative superlatives which can be used are worst, wrong, don’t, never, avoid, How not to, etc.

Numbers In The Title

Numbers grab attention as they’re differently shaped from the alphabet and sets titles apart % and currency symbols $ adds impact, as long the title and video content are related.
Example – 5 Tips To Get More Views
This YouTuber makes $200,00 A Year.

Words In Parenthesis

Mentioning certain keywords in parenthesis is another way to attract audience’s attention towards the title, clarify the type of content in the video, which inturn helps increase the Click-Through-Rate(CTR).
Example – 11 Blunders YouTubers Are Committing [Video]”

Word Video

Using the word video not only helps Google SEO to an extent
An example of the word Video in the title is -How To Earn Money Online Video.

Call To Action – CTA

Explicit call to action helps the audience to take your desired action if used in the right context.
CTAs like Watch This, Check This Out, Start Today, Learn More help in that direction.

Headline analyzer

[Bonus Tip]
Test your titles with a headline analyzer for Youtube like Sharethrough to check its impact and try optimizing the title further.

Hope the above tips help you in how to make a good youtube title. Follow these tips, tricks and strategies to boost views, likes, grow youtube channel and tools to increase channel subscribers. 

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