Our Services

Digital Marketing Services provided by DigitalConTech helps small and medium businesses, startups, real estate bsuinesses, scale with branding and revenue generation via powerful digital marketing, content marketing and lead generation strategies.

Some of our Digital Marketing Services include :

  • Web Development
    (including eCommerce & Custom Websites Development)
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing ( + YouTube)
  • PPC Campaigns( Google & Facebook Ads )
  • Customised Digital Marketing Services & Consulting Solutions

More about our Digital Marketing Consultancy Agency

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Web Development

Web Development services encompasses end-to-end Web Development from Website Strategy to Web Design including User Interface (UI/UX) to Content development to SEO for business belonging to various verticals and industries. Some Of our specialty web development services including eCommerce, subscription based websites such as Job portals etc

Search Engine Optimization

SEO marketing services include SEO strategy development, technical SEO, keyword targeting, content marketing, and link building

Content Marketing

Out Content Marketing services include creating and engaging and search engine optimised content for websites, Social Media platforms and digital platforms including Quorra, Reddit etc 

Our content-creation strategies ensure that your website ranks high on search engines which drives traffic to your websites and convert your target audience into potential customers.

Social Media Management

DigitalConTech provides Social Media Marketing and Management services across various Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Paid Advertising

Includes full-service PPC marketing efforts, including search engine advertising, paid shopping ads, display ads, paid social media ads, retargeting, and more. We use effeicient use of Google analytics,, Facebook analytics and other marketing tools aimed at enabling the best ROI on your marketing budgets.

Lead Generation / Conversion Rate Optimization

We develop highly effective Sales Funnels and Email Marketing Automation. Our eCommerce CRO services run over several AB tests across a variety of eCommerce platforms with the goal of driving sales.

Through targeted user research, a team of UX analysts, and psychological experts, DigitalConTech will grow not only transactions but average order and customer lifetime value for clients

Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing services helps businesses nurture leads, boost their brand’s identity, converts into return on investment with efficient email strategy.

Copywriting & Design

Industry-focused copywriters and designers who excel in translating the voice and tone of a client’s business into conversion-driving copy or rich and engaging design

Viral Marketing

Our Viral Marketing Agency leverages proven and measurable strategies to make brands go viral with bespoke campaigns employing cutting-edge tactics and flawless executions.

Video Marketing

We can help small businesses produce high quality video marketing campaigns by developing and integrating compelling video into your content strategy and marketing.

Our video content strategies reinforces direct reflection of their brands, help them effectively and actively engage with their prospects.

Digital Consulting

DigitalConTech also provides other customised Digital Consulting Solutions & Digital Marketing Services as per the clients needs and requirements.

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